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Poke Gram

PSA Grading Service!

PSA Grading Service!

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Grade Your Hits With PSA! We will pack your hits immaculately, purchase insurance for you, and ship them to PSA for grading, which will take around 45 days to grade! Once we receive your graded cards back from PSA we will ship it to you the same day!

Here are some benefits and more information about grading:

1. Graded cards are assigned a numerical grade (usually on a scale of 1-10), indicating the card's condition. Higher grades generally mean better condition and can significantly impact the card's value.

2.Grading companies also verify the authenticity of the card. When purchasing a graded card, you can be more confident in its legitimacy.

3.Graded cards are typically encapsulated in plastic cases, commonly referred to as slabs. Different grading companies use different types of slabs. For example, PSA uses a distinctive rectangular slab, while BGS uses a rectangular slab with a sub-grade for each aspect of the card (centering, corners, edges, and surface).

4.The graded card's market value depends on factors like the player, card rarity, grade, and overall demand. It's essential to research recent sales and market trends for similar cards to gauge a fair price.

5.If buying from an individual or online marketplace, consider the seller's reputation. Reputable sellers often provide clear images of the card, disclose any imperfections, and may have positive reviews from other buyers.

6.Graded cards are encased in plastic, which provides protection but also means they can't be handled as easily as raw cards. Consider how you plan to store or display the card.


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  • Packaged Immaculately

    Are you a sealed product collector? Us too! and we know how important it is to have the most minty box in your display!

    Therefor, we do our best to pack it as safely as possible with all packing supplies at our disposal!

  • Hassle-Free Exchanges / Returns

    Weather you changed your mind upon receiving your item or just don't like the way it looks, we will be happy to assist you with a hassle free, no questions asked return or exchange whichever you like! (Applies To Sealed Product ONLY! We DO NOT Accept Loose Cards As Returns!)

    Customer service will forever be our top priority, we are here to build relationships with our customers and want to serve you to the very best of our ability.